Blogging For Success!

Are you a blogger? If you are, are you making enough money via blogging? Do you know that what are the magic bullets behind each successful blogger?

Some bloggers are able to make a full time residual income purely via blogging and you might be wondering how do they manage to do so:)

For many people, starting a blog can be easy but making money from your blog seemed difficult. Why? The challenge lied in how well you setup your blog roadmap and hard you work towards your goal. Once you start drawing a clear mindmap, things will become less complicated.

Here are some practical advice every blogger should know:

The 10 Practical Steps to Successful Blogging:

Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

1. Pick a Subject Inline With Your Passion

Before you start a new blog, it is advisable to brainstrom what is the area you are most interested in talking about. Chances are when you have the passion for the subject matter, you will perform better than anyone else since you know the topic well enough!

2 Understand Your Target Market

You blog’s layout and content should clearly catered for your target audience. For example, if you are into affiliate marketing or internet marketing, you should narrow your subject matter in related to those content. For a quick start, I would recommend you to check out an unique blogging course: Blogging with John Chow (TM).

3) Be Informative and Engaging

You blog is your identify. It represents who you are. It’s a bridge between your audience and yourself. And one should take the opportunity to deliver valuable information to its audience. For Example, I like to offer IM related tips such as email marketing and video marketing 101 which I find will be helpful to my audience.

Being consistent with your blog message permitted you to connect your audience better and build a long term positive relationship on an ongoing basis. In returns, your consistency will win back reader loyalty over time.

4) Be Transparent

I like to be transparent to my audience. When I write with a subject matter I write it with my heart and I am not hiding anything behind. Admittedly, I don’t know everything under the sun thus I am willing to share and learn from my audience:)

9) Be Yourself

Your blog represents who you are. Thus it is important for you to project your image correctly! Only share content and product that work! For me, I only recommend tools and products which I personally tested before I even told my followers. Be sure to blog from your heart like you are striking an intelligent conversation with your audience.

5) Add Valuable Content Only

Your blog have to deliver valuable advice and quality content that related to your users. For example, I talk about how to setup a silo site in my blog since I feel that it’s relevant to my audience, and my advice will help them if they decided to put up their first blog on a later stage.

6) Think Long Term

In any business, it is always a “give and take” principle. The more value you provide to your audience, the more rewards you will see in the long run. If you do plan to monetize your site, then blog about your learning experience and how you monetize it and what are the mistakes you learn, so your audience can learn with you. Be sure to up date your blog regularly, not just write for one week and stop for 3 months. Blogging is a long term business, the more you talk about your subject matter, the more social it becomes.

7) Network with Other Bloggers

Networking is not only important in the offline World, but also the online World. So, feel free to comment on niche blog that related to your subject matter! But don’t spam. Alternatively, you should guess blog in similar niches to raise your awareness.

Once you gain your first step in your niche community, bloggers who have the same interests will start sharing your content with like minded readers so you will get traffic naturally.

8) Embrace the Learning Curve

Every successful blogger embraces the practice of “keep learning”. You will certainly make mistakes along the way, but the key is keep learning and sharing with others what you have learned. That’s the fundamental of a good blogger.

10) Make Use of Social Media Strategy

If you just started out, be sure to install a social media plug in on your blog site. So, your content can be shared with liked minded individuals. At the minimum, I would always like to include Google Plus, Facebook like and Twitter on my blogs. Social platform is a good way to forge relationships, building natural links and generate more traffics to your website.

Blogging in Closing

Knowledge is power. Blogging is something you do for a passion! So be sure to pick the subject that interests you.most.? As a well saying: “A man with passion will not fail.” I hope these 10 tips help you get a better ideas of how to become a successful blogger over time. Feel free to comment with your opinions and feedback!

To your blogging success!