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My name is Jay Chua and I live in Vancouver, Canada.

Since young, I have developed a strong passion for the internet. The fact is you don’t need to be a GURU to know how to generate passive income online, but you do need to possess what I so called the “3 Golden Elements” to become successful online:

Golden Rule #1: Find Your Passion: Do what you love to do!
Golden Rule #2: Dedication: Take massive actions and observe how others do it and follow their footsteps.
Golden Rule #3: Result Evaluation: Closely monitor your outcome, rework your strategy and make it better!

In fact, these 3 golden rules apply to whatever you choose to do, both offline and online. Once you learn how to govern these rules, you are half way to success!

Here’s Some Facts About Me:

  • I am not a millionaire
  • I don’t live in a mansion
  • I am not the guy who you expect to see on private jet
  • I don’t drive a Ferrari
  • I certainly not a so called IM GURU (the truth is I hate guru:)

Nevertheless, I do make a comfortable living from internet marketing. After all, I consider myself as a fortunate person as I do have a loving wife who supported me all these years in my internet marketing career.

How I Get Involved With the Brick N. Click Business?

Here’s my story. Unlike other 16 years old kids who made millions dollars online, I started venturing into Internet Marketing at the age of 37 – right after I left the Corporate World.

Jay Chua: Internet Marketing Blog: http://www.www.rosaepink.comYes.? I used to be a Corporate executive, held numerous senior positions, traveled around Asia and North America…you might said: “Jay, that is interesting, I wish I have your job”. Well, the truth is unlike other folks who have a 9 to 5 jobs, I would say I have a 7 to 9 jobs (yap..early conference call, all day meetings, plus long hrs and endless calls with Corporate HQ etc.. probably you can relate to that).

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy my formal role working with one of the World’s most respectable Fortune 500 companies, but when time passed, I realized I devote much of my time, almost 80% to my job, and I don’t even spend enough time with my wife, my friends and family members…

Despite being very successful at the Corporate level, I always dreamed of living the desktop lifestyle, travel whenever I want, work freely as I wish, and write my own check and in charge of my own destiny:) At some points, my guts tell me I need to make that change when the time is right!

Well, there is nothing wrong to be a Corporate guy, but the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, helping others become successful online, is always in my blood.

To make it short, in 2010, I took a BIG CHANGE that most people in my position will not do, I left my well paid Corporate job and ventured into the lucrative World of Internet Marketing.

Everyone who knows me thought I was out of my mind. I jump on a career path which I have no network, no practical knowledge and no connection.. Well, at the beginning, it is tough, I did lots of mistakes. Like back to school, I learn everything from scratch..I made some money and I even loss more money..The truth is I failed many times it doesn’t matter how hard I tried…but I never gave up. I choose to believe that I am the 10% of those people who can made it to the top. Yes, survivor the king… few years down the road, I have gradually become good at what I am doing, and I even enjoyed teaching and sharing with others how I did it. The fact is I have never regretted my decision to become an online entrepreneur, and I never looked back since!

The Purpose of My Blog: Internet Marketing Quest

With this internet marketing blog, my aim is to share what I learn on a day to day basis. Internet marketing is an ever evolving subject matter. What you know yesterday, might not work today, and what you master today, might not be practical tomorrow.

Becoming successful online does require high level of commitment, and there is no shortcut to success.? Clearly, if you are looking to become a millionaire overnight, you have visited the wrong blog:)

If you are already successful online, feel free to comment on my blogs as I do enjoy learning from you. For me, you will never master everything on the internet. And the truth is I don’t always have the answer to everything as I am learning everyday myself!

Nevertheless, I always believe that: If you have the desire, you will excel in what you choose to do..but you must prepare to get thru all the hardships, trials and errors, and also roadblocks you might possibly encounter!

The good news is I am delighted to share with you what I have learned and hope my experience can help you avoid all the costly mistake that took me years to realize:)

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