Global One Ultimate Power Profits Go Live in Few Days

The most anticipated launch is finally here. hear me right! For those of you on Global One webinar today. Scotty Evans has officially announced that G1, UPP will officially go live by October 10th – 2012.

Click Here to listen to the launch date webinar with Scotty Evans

GlobalOneThe excitement is all over the Globe and the company has also announced that ALEXA SERP ranking for people who visited the site has increased from 3000 to 800 in less than 60 days..remarkable!

While the excitement is on the air BUT you also have to make sure you,re fully prepared the the greatest launch in social media marketing shift. So, here is the scoop:

3 Phrases of Rolling OUT

Please pay extra attention to this 3 stages and I would urge you to follow closely not to miss any of the important date:

Phase I –? Account Setup and Preparation (Sept 30th, 2012 -Oct 10th, 2012)

During this date, when you log in your UPP back office, you should be able to see a panel available for you to choose your monthly package to be qualify to join the profit pool. You should be able to select the package you wish to participate and fund your accounts accordingly.

Bear in mind, you MUST setup your ewallet account or else the company will not be able to pay you as ewallet is the third party company that managed all payment for Global One.

Basically, there are four levels of membership participation options: $10, $25, $75, $100 monthly. Please see info on how to become a star leader with Global One should you want to learn more about compensation plan and how it works?

There will be two webinars going on (Mark the date):

If you can’t make it to the webinar, make sure you log into your backoffice and listen to the replay. Basically, all members will be given a chance to activate ewallet and select the plans they wish to participate in by the date of Sept 30th till Oct 10th (approximately 16 days). You can choose to fund your account via cash, back transfer, credit card and etc..

  • P.S: Make sure everyone is doing this in between 9/30-10/10. Please inform your referrals as you want to make sure they are doing this to be able to get compensated starting Oct 10th.

    Phrase II – Commissions Kick in Time (Oct 10th, 2012)

    Per Scott, this is the stage whereby you will be able to activate your account immediately. Your membership will officially become live and your commission will kick in right away.

    On top of that, there will be series of information available in the back office, and these inclusive of:

    • Element of Wealth Products (fully commission based products)
    • Basic training on how to market the range of offers and how to kick start
    • Initial range of marketing tools + upcoming product launch calendar etc
    • This is also a stage where your commission starts kicking in together with the power of spinfinity and infinity comp plan
    • By this date, UPP should have a different looks and feels

    Phrase III –? Realization of First Infinity & Spinfinity Multiplier Factor (Oct 20th & onwards)

    Every commission you earn will hit the first Spinfinity that earn in first 6 to 10 days will be realized. That being said when you log into your UPP site, you should be able to see a clear structure of how much money you have been generated via yourself, your referrals or even without referrals etc.

    By Oct 20th, your UPP account will be automatically redirected to the new Global One official website, and you will see clearly how many comm you have earned up to date, and how much you be generated in the very first 72 hrs etc..

    Gradually, you will see more products coming up under Global One umbrella and you will have a chance to acquire these products yourself at a discounted price or you can choose not to acquire any of them either… Scott reiterated it is key to build your foundation to ensure long term success as new products will roll out slowly one by one.

    Global One I GO Shopping Mall Experience

    In Summary

    There are 3 important dates you need to keep in mind.

    1) Sept 30th: Make sure your ewallet is setup accordingly and you pre-select the plan you intend to enroll with Global One.

    2)Oct 10th: Activation of your enrollment plan. That being said your commission factor will start kicking in based on the plan you selected. If you are on Platinum membership, you will be able to override on 5 levels deep in terms of commission – which is also the best plan I highly recommend for everyone to go for.

    3)Oct 20th: Seat back and watch for your first multiplier kicking in on whichever plan you choose to enroll in as of Sept 30th. And more products and trainings will be available in the back office for members.

    To close up, I am calling on STAR leaders to take part and sign up as a platinum members:) Take massive actions and make sure you pass on these exciting news to your referrals. This is a WIN WIN situation. Bear in mind, we are in the business of helping each other…

    Join us today if you haven’t done so. Go Global One Team.
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    P.S: The above information is based on what I learned from Global One Webinar as of Sept 27th. To stay on top of the game, I would urge everyone to stay active and always log in to your backoffice and listen to all the updates.