Reaching for the Star Leader With Global One

Many have reached out to me and asked me to clarify on how one will get pay on Global One Ultimate Power Profits (UPP).

If you have ever involved with network marketing before, then it is key for you to understand the formula of winning is? ABR (Always Be Recruiting). That is how the real passive income? kick off.

This blog post is based on one of the latest webinar recorded for those who want to learn more about how the compensation work.

I tried my best put this info into writing so you get a better understanding of the big picture.

There are some webinars recorded on core product introduction, but for this post I would like to focus on how to become a start leader with Global One.


Flexible Compensation Plan For Every One

Global One has created a flexible compensation system for those who want to generate passive income online depending on your current financial situation. Some people might want to generate $5000 per month, some $20000 per month and even $100,000 per month..and this is all attainable via Global One.

Based on my understanding for the past few webinars, the participation level is available in the following format:

  • Monthly subscriptions of $10, $25, $50, $75 up to $100 a month
  • Each member will be give the options to bid/purchase tangible products and/or services.
  • In terms of profits: 50% will be distributed via cash payment via ewallet & 50% via bid token


Since the webinar is focusing on how to become a start leader, I will base on it as a discussion topic.

Per the webinar, everyone will make money through the Spinfinity? compensation plan, and the best position to participate in is the Platinum subscription for $100/month. (That is how the STAR leader position works). By all means, you don’t have to enroll as the Platinum position if you are uncomfortable with it. Bear in mind every individual has different needs and wants as highlighted before:

STAR Leader Overview

On the webinar, you will learn:

  • What it means to be “Platinum Qualified Active”
  • How you get paid as a 1 star leader
  • What a matrix is and how it’s built out (3 x 10)
  • What matching bonuses looks like
  • How you can double your income through a coded bonus
  • How to have everyone coded in that leg to you.

How to Become “Platinum Qualified Active”?

  • The goal is to start with the magic 10
  • Basically, you would require to refer 10 individuals under your umbrella and join at Platinum levels
  • The condition is you yourself signing up as Platinum level $100/month
  • 10 referral signing up under you join us Platinum levels and partipating at the same structure
  • Establish yourself as a leader and coach your referral to do the same things. That’s it!

How Much Money Can You Make?

My take away from the webinar present me with a couple of options:

1) You choose to sign up as a FREE members as we speak. When the paid subscription plan made available for members, you can choose to ignore it and do nothing.

2) You choose to sign up as FREE members BUT didn’t take action in referring anyone. Then when the paid subscription comes, you go ahead, take action and choose any one of the 5 monthly subscriptions. $10, $25, $50 $75 or $100.

3) You choose to sign up as FREE members and actively refer people to the system. Then when the paid subscription comes, you go ahead, take action and choose any one of the 5 monthly subscriptions. $10, $25, $50 $75 or $100.

4) You decide to take action and sign up for FREE and Massively refer people. When the paid subscription comes, you go ahead and choose to enroll as a Platinum member and position to maximize your income.

What Are the Monetary Rewards Above?

  • Option 1, you are just a freebie seeker, thus “Zero” if you do nothing
  • Option 2, you become a member, you will still get paid since you join in as a monthly subscription active member of the plans you choose ranging from $10 to $100
  • Option 3, you become a member, you are making more money than the average folks since your referrals are adding profits to you as well!
  • Option 4, the ultimate winner, you generate consistent income overtime since you participate in the Platinum level. This is where the real profit kick in for those who look for long term financial freedom!


Bear in mind, everyone has their own tolerance for what they consider risk. So go with what you are comfortable with!

Global One is in position to be a leader in revenue share model. Certainly there are always business risk involved but I have faith in them and I also see great potential for them to growth over time.

For me, I am always up for the challenge. Therefore, I embrace the entrepreneur spirit in this case with Global One. I trust their leadership from what I heard from the past few live webinars. I liked what I’ve heard in terms of their humanitarian project, their invention division, their profit sharing model on products that customers will buy off the shelves of department stores and such..I am excited, intrigued and really look forward to grow with this organization. The best part is certain percentage of the company profits will be donated for charity purposes..that gives me peace of mind.

I trust my instinct and it is an easy decision for me to join at the platinum level as soon as the doors open. I like the fact that there are multiple businesses under the Global One’s umbrella to choose from which allow me to achieve multiple streams of passive income.

STEPS to Becoming a 1 Star Leader.

Once you get 10 personally sponsored Platinum members, you achieve what’s called a 1 Star leader. This is where you start seeing the Infinity? compensation plan kicks in.

Click the link and listen to the playback on Spinfinity, Infinity & GO Bonus Pool

Why Is it Important to Be A STAR Leader?

Needless to say, you will be able to maximize your profit via Global One Matrix.

  • Matrix allows you to make money from people you didn’t personally bring in.(3 x 10 matrix)
  • Basically, it starts with you at the very top and allows you 3 front line. Everyone else you bring in must be placed under those three until they have 3, then starts placing people on your level four to fill that in, and so on and so forth. It’s called “SPILL OVER“.
  • Once you max out a matrix, it’s maxed out.


The downside is that you can have many people and a lot of volume down on your 14th or 15th level and you never get paid on those levels.

Here’s where Infinity is different. YOU get to control whether you are maxed out on 10 levels or whether you get the benefit of earning to infinity. All of that is unlocked to INFINITY based on whether you’re a 1 star leader to a 5 star leader.

How Infinity Works?

50% of the commission based volume is paid into Infinity, and you can earn anywhere from .20 to $2.00 from everyone in your organization. (The $2 is paid on the Platinum level).

How Do You Double Your Paycheck?

Remember the magic 10. Once you have referred 10 personally sponsored Platinums, you become a 1 Star Leader and this leg now becomes CODED to you. And you can use this to bring in other leaders.

You get paid on every member in this leg to infinity just as if you personally brought everyone one.

The beauty is on every coded leg you earn, you receive a matching bonus.

Additionally, everyone in that leg is coded to you to infinity, just as if you personally sponsored everyone in the system. For example, if you had 1,000 Platinums in this leg at $2 per platinum, that would be $2K a month. If you were a 1 star platinum you will receive $4K a month because of the matching bonus.

imagine every time you advance, you get an extra coded legs.

  • 1 Star Leader gets 1 coded leg
  • 2 Star Leader gets 2 coded legs
  • 3 Star Leader gets 3 coded legs
  • 4 Star Leader gets 4 coded legs
  • 5 Star Leader gets 5 coded legs


I hope by now you will get an overall idea of how you get paid with Global One at different levels..

So, What Should YOU Do Now?

  • Refer as many people as you can even if you,re not aim for Platinum members.
  • Spinfinity will also have 50% commission based income put into it just like Infinity? does.
  • G1 compensation plan is position to enable everyone to earn with very little effort. Nevertheless, it is the best interest for everyone to refer people to achieve WIN WIN situation…

In Conclusion

It might seemed a little bit confusing for some of you! But what I urge you to do is to start referring people into the system. If you are struggling, I am personally looking forward to coach 10 people and help them achieve financial freedom in the next 6 -12 months time.

If you are up for the challenge, drop me an email! First comes, First serves

The following condition apply:

– You must ready to join as a “Platinum level” when the door opens
– You need to have additional budget of $100-$300 per month for paid advertising! Trust me, you will make the investment back in the future!
– I will share with you what I have learned and how I grow my subscribers at a razor speed without recruiting friends and family members!
– You must remain committed to the business and help others success in G1 business. It is a WIN WIN situation.

To your success – Jay
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