What Is My PC Backup?

My PC Backup is a desktop application that simply allows you to backup your files without risking the fact that your PC or Home Computer might go “haywire” one day.

If you are using your computer a lot, then you will never want to underestimate the power of backing up your computer files as you will never know what will happen to your PC when the unexpected situation occurs!

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How I Generate $600 Dollars by Simply Referring People to My PC Backup!



First of all, I like the product. My PC Backup does serve its objective: Not only the product is reliable, but it also securely and automatically backup my computer files whenever I am creating new files!

The Signup Plan is flexible and you can earn from $50 dollars to $150 dollars by just simply referring people to signup provided you have the right blueprint! The beauty of it is you can signup with only as little as $7 dollars and still get paid $50 every time you refer someone on board!

Let me break down the COST and REVENUE of how I achieve the result:

Cost of Acquisition

  • Subscribe to My PC Backup Yearly Plan $59
  • Spending on Paid Traffic 100 clicks Solo Ads to promote my PC Backup with advertising vendor $40
  • Total Cost: $99



  • The paid campaign convert 30% opt in, I have approximately 30 subscribers opt in to my list
  • Out of 30 people, 4 people signed up for My PC Backup Plans and I made $600 in total with $150 per commission..
  • Win Win Situation: I built a list and yet pocket in some good profits
  • Total Rev: $600 + List (Priceless)

My PC BackUp

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Who said making money online is tough:) And this happen in less than 48 hrs! Not only I made $500 profits after cost BUT also build a good customer list on my end.

You just need to have the right system and right program to follow. So, are you up for the challenge to generate passive income with my PC backup? Just follow the link, watch the presentation till the end and jump on board: