What is Network Marketing VT?

Network Marketing VT (NMVT) is a company founded by Jason Spurlock and a few like-minded online network marketing entrepreneurs. Network Marketing VT claimed to be a legitimate company and it is based out of Florida located at Indian Harbor Beach, Florida, USA. NMVT stands for Network Marketing Virtual Training. The aim for the company is to provide networkers and like-minded individuals who strike to generate passive income over time by participating in the Company simple to follow compensation plan.

I would say that Network Marketing VT has a very attractive compensation plan if they execute everything correctly at the first place. Deceptively, NMVT sounds like an attractive residual income program to consider for those who want to break into legitimate types of home based business opportunities. Nevertheless, I will not recommend it to my subscribers.

How Does the Compensation Plan Work?



Network Marketing VT has an easy to follow compensation plan. Nevertheless, there are some payment issues going on with the company lately.

The Comp. plan is self explanatory yet uncomplicated to follow. The compensation plans work in a way that each member will require to pay a monthly membership fees of $98 dollars and $19.95 administrative fees to stay active in the system and receive on-going trainings provided by top notch industry experts from time to time .

NMVT is a referral program. That being said each active member will be entitled to earn $98 per month per referral.

The Compensation System Can Be Illustrated as Below:

  • Everyone who joins NMVT will be entitled to 14 days free trial.
  • You will have to include your creditcard details in order to gain FULL ACCESS to the training system. Your creditcard WILL NOT be billed in the trial periods. And you can cancel anytime during the trial periods or even after joining.
  • During the active trial periods, you will be able to invite referral to the business and the first $98 from your first referral will pass up to you immediately.
  • The $98 is a 100% commission so you can breakeven sooner than later.
  • Nevertheless, your 2nd referral commission will pass up to your sponsor. And this is the ONLY pass up.
  • That being said you will be coded to receive 100% commission based on your 1st sales and 3rd sales onwards to infinity. Simple compensation plan and easy to explain to team members.


Since its inception, NMVT has received many negative comments and complaints from the community. It is truth that the comp plan sounds lucrative, but it just sad to see the company failed at the leadership level. What a pity!


  • The payment flow process is way too complicated.
  • Many members have not been getting paid correctly since joining the company
  • Or at least a big portion of commissions are missing.
  • NMVT Only available mode of payment currently is via first data credit card merchant account(US residents) and Pyoneer master debit card (International members)
  • The payment has to go thru a couple of steps to finally reach your merchant account and you will get pay if you are lucky.

My Negative Experience With NMVT

I have not much to say about NMVT as I don’t have a pleasant experience with them. Will the company survive for long term? Mmm, that is a big question mark. I can only say good luck to the community. This review may offend certain individuals in NMVT but I am speaking out from my heart.

Consider Joining NMVT?

I would urge you to stay away from NMVT. This is speaking from my experience being involved with NMVT for a few months. First, you paid to be a member, but you never received a single commission.

There are too many uncertainties in NMVT currently. I would at least advise you to wait till some real positive testimonials make available to Jason Spurlock and his team before you start stepping in the opportunities.

In Conclusion

There are countless network marketing opportunities out there. If you are seriously looking to make some good money online. I would highly suggest you to check out Neucopia. The company has been paying its members on time every week and every month. The truth is they never missed a payment since the launch date.

Neucopia is a good opportunity to pursue due to the low cost of barrier to entry and its newbie friendly yet simple to understand comp plan. Regardless you are beginners or advanced marketers, I strongly recommend you to add Neucopia to your multiply stream of income portfolios.

To close up, instead of joining NMVT, I highly recommend Neucopia. The company is still young and I do see lots of grow opportunities with Neucopia. It will be exciting to see how the business will evolve in the next few years. As far as I know, Rich Cook and the team are committing their 100% to make it a better place for every member.

Be sure to tap on the opportunity and join us to the road of success!

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