What is Neucopia?

I have been receiving lots of inquiries in regards to Neucopia lately. So I decided to put up a review and hope this can help my readers deciding whether this is the right opportunity for them.

I first came across Neucopia’s website (www.Neucopia.com) in October 2012. Nevertheless, I didn’t jump on the offer immediately as I always like to observe and make sure it is the right opportunity before I start recommending to my subscribers.

2013 can be a good year if you pick the right opportunities to engage since there are many biz opps and network marketing related offers out there! Fortunately, Neucopia is one of them that made it to my list.

Rich Cook and Neucopia


Is Neucopia legit?

Neucopia, the Company is founded by Rick Cook. I haven’t met Rich in person but I have heard good thing about him. Rick Cook has a good reputation online especially in the work from home and network marketing industry. Right after few months of intensive research and talking to a few industry leaders in the field, I finally joined Neucopia and I would say it is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Neucopia is? a legitimate home based business opportunity. Not only the compensation plan is attractive but the premier training is top notch in the industry.

How Does Neucopia Compensation System Work?

Neucopia offers its member 2 types of compensation plans. Both allow you to create long term residual income depending on your needs and wants.

See the Video and Register for An Overview of Its Comp Plan:

Neucopia Overview

Basic Comp Plan Overview:

The Neucopia basic comp plan cost $50 per month. Upon joining as a member, you will be entitled to earn $25 commission per referral right after you fully qualify as a basic member

  • It requires? basic members to sign up 2 basic sales to qualify as a FULL basic members
  • That being said after referring 2 basic members to the company, you will be entitled to earn $25 per sales and $25 monthly residual thereafter
  • If you have any premier sign up, you will be entitled to $100 one time commission
  • If you decide to upgrade to premier member at a later stage, you will need to sign up 2 Premier sales to pre-qualify to become a premier member


I find that basic members are best for those who are looking to generate some basic income online without too much ambition to scale their income overtime. Or for those who have just started but don’t have too much experience online.

Premier Compensation Plan Overview

Neucopia Premier comp plan is also known as the accelerator plus comp plan. It cost a one time fee of $265 to join as a premier, then $165 per month thereafter.

  • Premier comp plan allows members to earn faster and also scale your income quickly
  • When you enroll at a premier level. you will be automatically pre-qualified at a basic level
  • That being said you don’t have to pass out 2 basic sales since you’re already a premier member
  • Nevertheless, you still need to have 2 premier sales to qualify as a premier member
  • Once qualify as premier member, you will receive $200 per premier sales and $100 monthly residual income thereafter
  • Any of your referral under basic upgrade to premier will count as premier qualifier if you join premier at the first place
  • Additionally, you will be entitled to receive 10% matching bonus on your personally sponsored premier members
  • Do noted that the 10% matching bonus is only apply to your personally premier members NOT basic members
  • Once your basic referrals upgrade to premier, then you will be immediately qualify to receive the 10% matching bonus in addition to your monthly residual $100 dollars income per premier referral


In my opinion, Neucopia comp plan provides a great degree of flexibility for newbies as well as advanced marketers. I do recommend my team to kick start with premier. The undeniable fact is premier members have the ability to scale their income in very short amount of time.

The Power of 10% Bonus:

Unlike traditional MLM comp plan, member will lose money by passing up qualifying sales to its sponsor. But with Neucopia accelerator plus compensation system, the 10% matching bonus is an attractive incentive to motivate sponsor to work closely with every referrals to ensure long term success. The more successful your referrals become, the more matching bonuses you are entitled to earn. So, it is a win-win situation.

What Products Does Neucopia Offer or Sell to Its Members?

Neucopia offer a suite of innovative products on its back office. Basic members will gain access to hundreds of dollars worth of the top tools, trainings, and income generating strategies to help you earn multiple streams of income in some of the largest industries in the Globe. Many of these tools will prepare you to advance your internet marketing career overtime.

Needless to say, the product suitcase is consistently update to keep members up to date on new tools and technology.

As for premier member, on top of all the the basic member benefits, premier members will be receiving monthly exclusive training from some of the industry top notch expertises in the respective field. These trainers, coaches and speakers are leaders in the industry. Many have to pay thousands to participate in these programs, but with premier members, you get to receive all these additional trainings for FREE.

Does Neucopia Pay on Time?

Necopia has never missed a payment to its members since day one of the business. I am actually pretty impressed with the Company`s ability to manage such huge load of payment? yet paying the members on time without any single delay! I know empower network takes 3 weeks for payment processing, but Neucopia pays us on a weekly and monthly basis. Unlike other network marketing or affiliate marketing companies that only pay once a month. Neucopia pays its members every week and every month regardless you are international or US members.

On top of this, the customer support is excellent! Speaking from my personal experience, they revert my questions in less than 24 hrs.

Why Join the Neucopia Power Team?

Not all teams are created equally. If you are looking to join the best team, then I would urge you to join our power team. In Neucopia power team, we are offering weekly webinar orientation to every new recruits plus exclusive coaching session inside our inner Facebook mastermind group.

Apart from getting the chance to work with me directly, you will also get help from other members. Most of our team referrals get qualify in less than 30 days. Some did it in less than 7 days depending on individuals, but to be rest assured, we will personally work with you till you become successful.

Back up by the power team, we have taken newbies who have never made money online to finally earning some real residual income online. Countless testimonials can be found inside our power team.

Neucopia In Conclusion

If you,re looking to succeed in network marketing and create long term residual income online, then feel free to connect me via Facebook and learn more about Neucopia. We have the right team structure in place and ready to help you to excel your Neucopia business in every aspect.

Look no further and join the leadership team. I look forward working with you.
Any question or need clarification, feel free to reach out to me.

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