Make Money Online: Success vs. Failure

Do you really believe you can “get rich quick” by? investing $1000 into a GURU course and become successful overnight? If the answer is YES, then you probably have been misled by the so called GURU, that is also the reason why I hate the term GURU so much.

If you want to make money online, you have to treat your online venture like a real business. This is not a set and forget type of business. Don’t be fooled by the push button software that can set you free. Trust me, it does not exist!

So, Why do People Fail Online?

It doesn’t matter you are into blogging, affiliate marketing or CPA, I just want to be brutally honest here! It takes time and commitment to be successful online. So, be ready to burn some money before you earn. Just like every business, you need to go thru the cycle of learning and become better at what you do.


Why people fail online?

Many newbies think that Internet Marketing is an easy business, but the truth is it does require one to take some serious actions before you start seeing the results!

Success and failure sometimes is just like a crossroad. It is really up to you to decide which path you want to pursue. Indeed, you might be a just a few inches away to make it happen but without realizing how?

The Truth About Internet Marketing!

Internet Marketing business is just like any offline business. It does require one to build the foundation, grow the business, stay commit and remain persistent throughout the course. So, why so many people fail to make it to the lucrative Word of online marketing?

I have surveyed my lists, and these are the top three reasons why people fail online:

1) Information Overload

One of the frequently questions I got all the time is “I am overloaded with information” and “I really don’t know where to start.”

Welcome to the World of IM and it can be pretty confusing especially you’re new to the industry.

Bear in mind, no information is bad but you have to learn how to digest and categorize it! One of the common mistakes most people did was falling into buying various programs over and over again and eventually never made any money at all. Rather they ended out with pile of debt.

So, how the heck it happened?

Common sense! You get lure into the next big thing, and you lose your focus on the very first task, and jump to another job. And it repeats, repeats and repeats again. You work on the first course, and you didn’t see result for days or months, you get distracted. Then you receive another email telling you the quickest way to make money online with XYZ. At the end of the day, you become an information seeker rather than action taker.

See, this is dangerous, you can have all the best courses with you, but if you never take any actions, you will not succeed. If you keep jumping from courses to courses, you will just end out losing your money and energy. It does sound familiar, isn’t it? So, how do you overcome it?

My Suggestion:

Pick no more than 2 programs(prefer 1) to kick start with. Stick to it till you see the result, then move on to the second one. Temptation can be poisoning and you need to use your common sense to dictate the offer!

2) Struggling With Traffic

Traffic here means by getting visitors to your website. Without traffic, Your website is like an empty shopping mall with zero visitors. There are many courses out there teaching you how to drive traffic to your websites, and many of you might have bought into dozen SEO and paid traffic programs but still confuse over how they work.

In fact. getting traffic takes time, and there are several ways to drive traffic to your website:


  • SEO: Involve with backlinking your website with your desired keywords
  • Social Media: Social buzz such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumble upon and Pinterest
  • Video Marketing: Create Youtube channels that drive visitors to your website
  • Pod Casting: You can create your own podcast series by interviewing expert in your niche and those traffic will happen naturally



  • Pay Per Click: Google PPC, Facebook PPC or MSN Adcenter
  • Media Buyings: Involving with buying ad spot from third party vendor to display your ad.
  • Solo Advertising: Buying email lists from qualify vendors


Many said that traffic is the cornerstone of everything. Well, it is truth, but my experience tell me that you will never master everything unless you are genius:) If you are rushing into learning everything at once, you will fail miserably.

When comes to mastering internet traffic, I would recommend you to take one step at a time and focus on a few tasks, but not to jump on everything at the same time. The very truth is you don’t have to master everything to do well online.


If you’re overloaded with traffic sources, I would suggest you to stick to one or two traffic sources at a time. Give an example, SEO vs. Paid Traffic. It might be easier for you to kick start with learning SEO if paid traffic is too expensive for you to master, or vice versa. It is never a good idea to do both at the same time unless you are a seasonal enough. Once you pick up the traffic source you want to master, stick to it until you become good at it.

3) Lack of Proper Mentor

Mentorship is very important regardless in the offline World or online World. Before picking up any courses to follow, be sure you’re listening to the right person, a simple mistake can cause a fortune.

On top of this, the power of Will also plays a critical step. Bear in mind, there is no get rick quick scene, thus you would have to give yourself minimum of one year to learn the business and remain focus.

If you do have a full time job, don’t quit your day job, make sure you have extra income to fund your internet business. Every business needs initial and on-going investment before it becomes profitable, so do internet marketing.

Why “Will Power” is important? If you’re motivated enough, you will take massive actions. Most people fail because they got distracted and failed to take consistent actions.

Ask yourself this: “Why do you think 98% of the people fail online and only 2% make it to the top?”? The answer is not really that tricky:)

Let me give you some characteristics of highly successful people:

  • They are risk taker
  • They are leader not follower
  • They do not give up easily
  • They take massive actions
  • They dare to push the envelop
  • They are doing 2% of the tasks that 98% of the people don’t dare to do

So, Let Me Ask You: Are YOU a Winner or Whiner?


Are you an action taker?

Why do you think many successful internet marketers have a background of either broke or close to getting bankrupt? Do you think they were born rich? Some even sleep in the van and work at multiple jobs before they make it to the top.

Well, because they are under pressure . Their desire to create a better life push them to take massive actions and produce unparalleled results.

Behind their success, there were tears, sweats and hardwork. And they probably worked much harder than you and burned more cash, energy, and made countless mistakes.

Nevertheless, what they did differently is they have the courage to cope with adversity and took countless action till they get there.

My Thoughts:

Don’t be afraid to take actions. One of the main reasons most people fail online is afraid to take massive actions! I say MASSIVE actions, not just actions. And don’t stop at one thing and jump to another task.

Once in a while, I will receive emails from subscribers like:
Question: “Jay, how long does it takes me to get there”?

The answer to this is “What Actions Have You Taken?” I can only guide you BUT if you don’t do anything, and afraid of making mistakes, then you are in the wrong industry! Even if you fail at the first time, don’t give up..start analyzing what went wrong and start over again! Winner never quits, quitter never wins.

Another question I got commonly asked is..
Question: “I spent $200-$300 dollars a month but I only get pay $20 yesterday? I am not seeing this worth my effort”

Answer: “This is depends on how you look at the scenario. You have to spend your money wisely…sometimes, you even have to spend money in buying the experience and learn from that experience. In reality, you will not always make a profit in your first attempt But you will always receive something in return!”

Here Are Something to Think About:

  • Building a customer list for long term success: You might not be profitable at first, but you are building your customer base. Your list is the greatest asset, instead of thinking this as a loss, why not focusing on how you can build better trust with your subscribers.
  • Investing in traffic for better search engine ranking: This happen if you are involving with SEO, it takes 60-90 days for search engine to rank your page, and you might spend $500 per month to write content and getting backlink to your desired pages. These are all long term investment.
  • Buying an unforgettable experience that make you wiser: Mistake sometimes is unavoidable, Even it’s a costly mistake but you learn from it. YES it could be costly but that is how you learn and remember it forever.


Remember, there is no such thing as getting everything perfect at the first time. In reality, it doesn’t work that way. The more you try, the better you become! And don’t be afraid to make mistakes and burn some money, it can only make you wiser!

Here is a story of mine, I recently participated in a program with Global One Ultimate Power Profits, the program is still in the pre-launch stage and I have coached some students of mine how to stay positive throughout the entire business. From my bottom of my heart, I know that those who fall under the following category will never make it to the top:

  • No clearly defined goal
  • Afraid to burn money
  • Prefer to wait and see
  • Take ZERO actions
  • Complaining over the problems instead of offer solutions
  • Self doubt


Vice versa, I see some rising stars who possess the following characteristic:

  • Highly motivated individuals who set SMART GOAL
  • Taking massive actions
  • Always thinking from solutions point of view instead of problems
  • Refuse to give up and keep pushing the envelop
  • Take NO for an Answer


Mentorship is critical, but what most importantly is have the right MINDSET and ready to take MASSIVE ACTIONS.? You can buy all the guru courses, but if you do not implement them, there are just like junk stuck in your hard drive.

In Closing

In business, there is no such thing as set and forget especially when you first started. If you’re looking for set and forget internet business, then I would urge you to go back to your 9-5 jobs.

Success requires discipline and action. People fail online because they are focusing on too many things at the same time. Multiple stream of income can be awesome, but ask yourself seriously: “Why not focus and succeed at one first before rolling into others.”? If you’re still struggling to make your first dime online, I hope you find the answers here!

Anyway, I hope this post inspire you rather than demoralize you.

To your online success!