What is Ultimate Power Profits?

I have been getting lots of request lately from my subscribers in regards to ultimate power profits. There seemed to be much confusion out there in regards to how one will get pay by participating in this greatest shift in social marketing power profits system.

The fact is Global One Ultimate Power Profits is not another network marketing hype. The business has some serious potential and has some key compensation elements which I have never seen before in my internet career. In this review, I will try to be as specific as possible.

All I can say is it is very trail blazing and breakthrough in terms of how much money you can actually generate from ultimate power profits system. .

Next Generation Hybrid Residual Income Marketing Model

Global One UPP (Ultimate Power Profits) is not your typical network marketing company. Not only it enables you to earn passive income even you have ZERO referral but it also allows you to earn massive passive income 5 levels down of your total referrals. The truth is you could kick start as little as $10 per month and watch your income grow overtime. You will only require to upgrade your memberships level as you wish. The flexibility to max out your income is in your hands.

The company leverage on its Spinfinity and Infinity Software Solutions to enable active members to generate income as little as 6 days. Upon joining as a member, you will be granted access to the element of wealth products in the members area.

To learn more, please click on the link and tab on slide to see how the compensation works. http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventID=32567628

Scotty Evans: The Man Behind Global One, Ultimate Power Profits

Before getting into the details, it is vital for you to understand who is the man behind Global One.

Scotty Evans of Global One -Ultimate Power Profits

Scotty Evans of Global One, Ultimate Power Profits

The gentleman behind Global One is Scotty Evans, a very experienced veteran in many ventures for more than three decades. Scotty is a a true entrepreneur in every aspect. Some said Scotty Evans have spent more than 10 years in preparing the launch of Global One.

Under his leadership, you will start seeing range of products rolling out to the market place under Global One Umbrella. Some of these products are already available in the market place and some are patent pending yet to be rolled out.

To name a few such as Global One Travel, Global One Financial tools and trading software, Global One Shopping Concept plus eco friendly items etc.

The value added benefits of becoming a member is you will be able to purchase these innovative products at a discounted price where others are paying 3 times the money to acquire the same products else where.

Click here and tab on slide to see Scotty Evans Presentation on Global One.

How Do You Get Pay?

Global One Ultimate power profits enable its active members to earn commission every 3 days (72 hours) and this is on an accrue basis. That being said you will get pay over and over again!

To be honest, I have never seen a company as generous as Global One. Not only you will be getting paid at your own level but also on every single referral you bring to the company and down 5 levels. On top of that, a certain % of the company profits will be used as charity, so in a way, you are contributing to charity as well!

The company runs its business based on revenue share model. Revenue sharing is where the company takes a portion of their profits in a pool and shares it with their affiliates. That being said everyone will be receiving commission via profits generated by the company.

Would YOU Like the Idea to Get Pay Over & Over Again?

Talk about a great incentive to upgrade! Seeing money pass away before your very eyes.

Hypothetically, Lets Do the Maths:

  • Lets said you join the basic membership at only $10 a month
  • Your commission is going to accrued every 3 days.
  • With infinity Over a 30 days period that would translate into $30 with the basic membership if you are actively referring people
  • With the 3×10 matrix kicked in, 60 days later, it will accrue to $60 with $10 per month..90 days, it will be $90.
  • Then it keep Growing $$, Growing $$$ and Growing $$$$..

See, we are not even talking about being a platinum members nor adding any referrals. Also the power of Spinfinity power profits system plus element of wealth investment line of products.

Imagine with all of these come together, how powerful you can write your own paycheck and say good bye to your 9-5 job:)

From a long term residual income perspective, I would encourage everyone to shoot to become a star leader as that is where the real money resided. At least set a SMART goal for yourself or work with your mentor to walk you thru the process on how to become a Global One Star leader.

Global One Membership Overview: What is inside ELEMENT OF WEALTH:

Basically, there are 4 levels of participation to join as a member.

1) Tin Membership: ($10 monthly)

Gain access to trial blazing financial element of wealth products including:

  • Practical Spending & Budgeting tips
  • Family and Children Financial Education
  • Couponing advice
  • Many Household Savings Techniques


2) Cooper Membership: ($25 monthly)

  • ?All the Tin member benefits PLUS plus
  • ?Home Based Business 101 and tax issues
  • Cooper members will also be able to gain access to “Global Market Forecast Assessment”. A tool enable you to forecast global economy, monetary affects, and markets in 3-6 months down the road.


3) Silver Members ($50 monthly)

  • All the Tin and Copper benefits PLUS
  • US and World Markets
  • Easy Trade 360 Software which enable members to perform analytic before making any investment.


4) Gold Members ($75 monthly)

  • All the Tin, Copper & Silver benefits PLUS
  • COT Software (Commitment of Traders) Since 1986 this software has yielded an average of 36% return on investment for those that use it.
  • The system can help you predict a wkly trend rather than monthly trend.


5) Platinum Members ($100 monthly)

  • All the Tin, Copper, Silver & Gold benefits PLUS
  • Market Cycle 360 Software (Value at $16,000 to purchase outside of Global One).
  • This software teaches how to take advantage of World Stock Markets, analyze the trends, how to know where in the World to invest to maximize the highest return on investment


In fact, There are more products yet to be rolled out under ELEMENT of WEALTH portfolio. Financial Newsletter and the ultimate software is just the very first product that was introduced up front. Global Travel and Global Shopping Concept are believe to be the next roll out, and many many more to come.

If you are already a member, be sure to log in to the back office and listen to the weekly update every Tuesday and Thursday to keep abreast of what is new with Global One.

Why Shouldn’t You Miss Out This Opportunities?

To be honest, throughout my career as an internet marketer, I have never seen anything captured the market by storm like Ultimate Power Profits.

Since it’s pre-launch in July, UPP has attracted more than 300k participants all around the Globe and the number are still on the rise. The Alexa Ranking is sky rocketing and has become one of the most visited site in the World.

If you are tired of chasing your dream, working for your lousy boss or wanted to provide extra income for your family. This is not the opportunity that you want to miss. You have come to the right place! It really doesn’t matter at what stages you are in, I would urge you to seriously consider joining the next paradisgm shift. Those who join ultimate power profits are people like you and me who wanted to generate passive income for our families.

To be rest assured this is a legitimate passive income opportunity and the system is created in a way for every individual with different needs and wants! You can start up as little as $10 per month to $100 per month and watch your income grow over time.

Can I Join Global One Even If I Am a Complete Newbie?

The answer is YES.

Join our group today and we will share the exact techniques we use to help beginners from failure to success. Many success stories can be found inside our community forum (Free to join). If you have never made a single dime online, then not to worry too much about it. Our inner cycle training will teach you how to promote the system and how to get referral to the system.

Everything is structure in a step by step fashion. You don’t have to be a technical savvy, you don’t need to know how to host a domain as the system have everything build in to ensure your success! To be precise, we will provide you a complete blueprint from A – Z which we specially created for our team.

In Closing

I hope this Global One Ultimate power profits review help you make a better decision. Lock in your spot today ……….And I look forward working with you

To Your Success!
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P.S: The compensation system and information on how Global One Ultimate Power Profits work is based on my interpretation which obtained directly from the weekly webinar update.?These might be subjected to changes based on future company update.