Definition of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is defined as the process of marketing via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus to drive more visitors to your Company website, event or any specific course of action.

In the new marketing era, social signal plays a critical role in connecting your audience. The truth is an increasing volume of social buzz such as Facebook share, Google+ vote or Twitter’s re-tweet activities on your posts can have tremendous impact on your website ranking and popularity.

Google’s Chief Engineer – Matt Cutts have officially stated that Google now take social signal vote as one of the many factors in determining how your web pages should rank based on social votes.

The Power of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is Vital for all businesses!

Social media marketing is kinda like word of mouth advertising in the offline World! For example, Starbucks entered the market initially without spending much on paid advertising. What the Company did is purely rely on “word-of-mouth” marketing, then American started to spread the excitement of drinking coffee with the Starbucks experience. That’s how Starbucks gained its popularity in the coffee drinking culture.

Similarly, social media tools in the online World have the same impact. Many marketers are using social media tools to create buzz and spread the news to its consumers, and consumers are also using social media as a gateway to express their opinions publicly.

A classic illustration of social media marketing success is the popular PSY’s Gangnam style wave in the music and fashion industry Worldwide!

What Does Social Media Have to Do With SEO?

Back in the 1990’s, you can easily rank your website with simple link exchange. In 2000, the era of article marketing, but in today’s environment, authority guess blogging plus social signal vote are the critical success factor for search engine to determine how popular and quality your site is.

The dead of SEO” is an interesting debate since Google rolled out its penguin update. The reality is SEO is not dead but just evolved and become complicated than ever. What search engine looking for, especially Google, is indeed very plain and simple. They are looking for the best user experience. Web properties that have proper silo structure in place is often stand up and outrank thin affiliate web sites. Authority website emphasizes more on user experience, thus their social activities are significantly higher as well!

Social media vote are legitimate backlink to your web page. Though most of these links are no follow, but it really doesn’t matter. Let’s said you have the best content on the web, the best quality backlink, combined with some solid social signal generated by social media buzz. There is no reason why Google won’t put your article on the first few pages as compare to million of others.

Content Syndication via Social Media Platform

Content syndication is defined as your content is being shared via various social platforms. Google is in favor of social media content syndication. Bear in mind that content syndication is different from duplicate content. The more people are talking about your post, the more trust in the eyes of the search engine. Thus, on top of driving more organic referral traffic to your website, content syndication can help to improve your search engine rankings and increase overall user experience.

How Does Your Content Get Syndicate Online?

There are many ways your content can be syndicated online.

  • Blogging: People find your site interesting and talk about it and create a post link back to your subject matter!
  • Social Network and Bookmarking Sites: Your post is getting bookmarked by popular bookmark directories such as Delicious, Diggs or Stumble upon.
  • Social Sites: Your post is shared by someone on Facebook and re-tweet many times by your followers on popular social sites
  • Document Sharing Sites: Your posts are syndicated on Doc share sites such as Docstoc and Scribd!


Content syndication empowers natural link building back to your blogs which also mean more trust in the eyes of the search engine.

My Top 8 Social Media Marketing Tools:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tools

There are millions of social media platform nowadays, and nor all of them are created equally. My favorites are listed below:


If you really have to pick three social media bars, I would go for the following plug ins:? Google+, Facebook Like Share & Twitter. These three social signals are the most active among million of social tools in the market place.

Social Media Marketing in Conclusion

To wrap up, if you have not yet leveraged on the power of social media marketing, I would urge you to jump start immediately. Start creating a Facebook page for your business, Twitter account and Google Profile, so that you can position yourself as a brand stewardship in your respective field. After that, start sharing valuable and useful content with others. Occasionally, interact with your fans and followers and solicit their feedback.? Last but not least, find, follow and connect like minded people in your same field and build relationships with them.? If you do all of the above, you should start experimenting success and seeing social buzz activities kicking in to your sites.

To Your Social Media Marketing Success:)