Affordable SEO Services

If you are looking for some affordable SEO services online, then I might have some good news for you! I have been experimenting with different sources lately and one of the SEO service platforms I highly recommended is SEOCLERKS. Bear in mind, these are budgetary SEO, that being said most of the time, you should be able to narrow your budget in between $100 – $300 dollars yet achieving the results you want.

I have been using the providers on SEO clerks to run a few random campaigns of mine and the results are pretty encouraging. For example, I have been able to rank a video of mine on a highly competitive keyword “how to internet marketing” on page one of Google. That video has been in that position for more than 6 months. Well it might slip in ranking later as I have not been doing anywork on it lately:) Nevertheless, I just want to share with my readers anything is possible if you know how to use the resources. If I recall correctly, the total budget is less than $100, and now the video is generating free leads for my Neucopia business 24/7. How awesome is that?

The Process of Evaluating SEO Providers

SEO is not my entire business blueprint but I still enjoying SEO as the overall costs are still cheaper than paid traffic. If you are new to internet marketing, I would suggest you to start from SEO as Paid Traffic might get you burn if you didn’t know what you are doing. Many people claim that SEO is dead especially after Google Penguin. But the perception is completely wrong. I have web pages that automatically generate $20-$500 dollars per month purely on SEO afford. So SEO is far more than death. And don’t forget, Google is the number one player when comes to search. And it accountable for 45% of Worldwide internet traffic. So, don’t let the guru fool you.

Anyway, here are the process of how to kick start with SEO clerks.

1) Go to SEOCLERKS, and sign up for a free account
2) Activate your account in your email inbox
3) Search around the left hand panel on the types of SEO packages you need
4) Go by rating and look at the comments left for the providers, I would usually go beyond 4 stars providers
5) PM providers with questions..usually they are pretty quick in responding
6) Upon confirmation, pay with your services via Paypal, Payza (AlertPay), or Pay using Bitcoin.
7) Wa are done

Final thought

Bear in mind, SEO clerks are not the only service providers you need to stick to. The reason I recommend it is they still pretty much under the radar yet the quality is good! I hope you find this short post helpful. Stay tuned for my future posts as I will be sharing more useful tips for your business.

Affordable SEO