How Quality is? Your Site?

I still remember the day Google announced its first Panda update in February 2011. Many claimed that the Sky is falling and have to start all all over again. It is pretty scary, isn’t it? Nowadays Google periodically roll out monthly Panda update aim to reward quality site and penalize poor junky site.

When comes to quality, Google knows what its reader wants. Regardless you are constructing a general website, an affiliate marketing site or an internet marketing niche site, you need to make sure you always write with the user in mind, not for the search engine.

Why Originality is Important?

Quality Content is Key!

Quality Content is Key!

Since day one, I have never been a big fan of creating spun content and put it on your website. It is a shame to see many gurus are still teaching on the wrong things over and over again! The days of auto blogging have long gone. If you are still thinking of buying software that can auto publish content for you, then I urge you to consider twice. My 2 cents: Stay from those vendors.

Not only your content has to be original but it also has to be in quality. Search engine algorithm nowadays is smart enough to scan through your web pages and determine how good your content is and whether the content is originated by you, copied from others, or spun by article spinner.

A smart way to backup your identify is to setup your Google Authorship’s profile. Once you have your profile setup, every content you publish online will be imprinted with your authorship, and that being said you are the original contributor of the said content!

Many claimed that SEO is dead, but that is misleading. As long as you adhere to the quality score Google is looking for, you will do well. If you are interested in SEO ranking factor, referred to the periodic table of search engine ranking factor.

Google Panda and Quality Content

With the roll out of Google Panda, the aim is to wipe out poor quality sites. Poor quality sites that have thin content and filled with significant junk writings and poorly spun content. So If you are looking to stay in the game for a long time, do what Google loves.

And do you know that poorly written content can trigger Panda penalty sooner or later? So what exactly is quality content?? I have summarized 23 points of what Google is looking for when comes to defining content quality.

Google’s Definition of Quality Content

While writing your article for your blog or site. It is advisable to stick to the following recommendations. These points are abstracted from Webmaster central blog written as of May 2011.

1. Can the information presented in the article be trusted?
2. Is the article written by someone who knows the subject matter well enough or just not cover enough details
3. Does the site have identical, duplicate or repetitive articles on the same subject with slightly various keywords?
4. Are you comfortable giving your creditcard details to the site?
5. Does the content written with non spelling, stylistic or any factural mistakes?
6. Does the topics captured your attention?
7.? How original is the article content?
8. Does the page provide you with substantial valuable info as compare to other identical pages in search results?
9. How quality is the content?
10. Does the article present you the information you are looking for?
11. Is the site a recognized authority on its subject area?
12. Is the content mass produced?
13. Is the article well edited or it appear sloppy to you?
14. If this is for health related search, do you trust the information presented from the site?
15. How authority is the site?
16. Does the content you look for present sufficient info on the subject you are looking for?
17.? How insightful is the article?
18. Will you bookmark the page and share it with a friend?
19. Does this article have too many ads that stealing readers from the content?
10. Would you expect to see the article to be published in printed magazine, encyclopedia or book?
21. Is the article detailed enough or it’s too short and lack of the type of information you,re looking for?
22. How “attention to detail” the page is?
23. Will users complaint when they see pages from the site?

How to Inject Quality While Writing Your Content?

Here are some tipping points I use nowadays while constructing my own blogs and affiliate sites.

  • Write with user in mind not search engine
  • Write with proper title tag but do not staff with keywords too many times
  • If you do intend to optimize you post with keyword, make sure you don’t repeat the same subject matter when you create new post. eg: how to make money online vs. how to make money online faster. Both posts are very identical in nature. I therefore will not recommend this approach.
  • Interlink or siloing your site correctly so user stay in within your site
  • Insert video while needed – see video marketing tips for more info
  • Remove heavy advertisement/banner from your site, especially above the fold
  • Put no-follow on affiliate link if you are constructing affiliate type of site
  • Rewrite your content to make it standup and appealing to your target audience
  • Use catchy headline such as “10 tips to”, “8 benefits of”, “how to” etc.

In Closing: Quality Does Matter

To sum up, the fundamental to building a successful website is? quality content. Good content will often share and read by users naturally. Good content means more traffic and more social votes. In returns, you will gain trust from your readers, boost your reputation online and gradually established to become an authority in your field. Once your site has become authority enough, there will be natural incoming link to your pages which created quality link juice naturally. So, be sure to focus on quality:)